Smadav Free Download Latest 2019

Smadav antivirus is a very popular use all over the world especially in Indonesia, other than just simple to use antivirus also can be juxtaposed with other antivirus. the virtue of the antivirus Smadav is very quick to detect a wide range of viruses found on the Flash Disk.

Smadav Free Download Latest 2019

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This antivirus provides many features to find the virus that is present on the computer or other device such as a Flash Disk and also your Smart Phone. This antivirus has a database that is constantly updated by the author so you will awake from virus attacks that can wipe out data and also hide important files.

This version provides free antivirus to be directly used. and also a paid pro version, of course fuller and at an affordable price. This application supports all type of OS you are using. available in the latest version for Windows XP | Vista | 7. and also for Windows 10/8.1

Install Guide and Link:

Support: For Windows All OS
Author : Smadav
Source : Freeware ( Free Version)
File Name : Smadav**.exe

  • Download software that was available on the button's "Download Smadav "
  • Then open the download folder
  • Snd start the install by right click then open " " or with "double click" 
  • follow with menkan next until the application is successfully installed

Features Smadav:

as explained above, most other antivirus can not be installed with other antivirus. Unlike the Smadav can be installed with other antivirus as you want. of course antivirus has advantages and key features of each. so you can combine smadav antivirus that you trust and others.

Small size antivirus:

This antivirus doesn't require a huge CPU or ram to run it so that when you use the application directly Run quickly when a laptop or PC anta in turn. easily detect viruses without needing to scan manually.

Antivirus smadav provides very many tools for finding various viruses. the following tools are available on the official site Description:

  1. One-Virus By-User, untuk menambahkan file virus dan membersihkannya secara manual
  2. Process Manager, untuk mengatur proses dan program yang berjalan di PC.
  3. System editor, untuk memperbaiki pengaturan sistem yang diubah virus.
  4. Win-Force, untuk membuka program manajemen sistem di Windows.
  5. Smad-Lock, untuk memperkuat pertahanan drive komputer dari infeksi virus.

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